Feast of Prince’s
47th Annual Texas Renaissance Festival 2021

King’s Feast of favorites for the Princes of faire    

Chippie’s Amuse 
Cheese Fruits plate

Glamorgan Salade
Fresh of hearts of Romaine and Field Greens
Stilton Cheese white truffle oil vinaigrette

Soup Da Jour 
Homard  Americane  and Pomme d’ Amore 

Prime Rib of the Beefeaters
Magnificent Prime Rib of Beef, the king of cuts, 
Crusted with Maldon salt, roast garlic and herbs 

Harborrow’s Original London Broil
Prime Beef, served avec glace de viande
Rib & Sausage of Island Pig
Pork rib and sausage  with the pirate’s jerk rub of Basil Drake 
Grande Brochette of Hens 
Grilled Chicken with Herbs & Meade Glace

Wild Potatoes – Mushrooms - Vegetables
Mushrooms and seasonal vegetable roasted with Olive Oil

Burnt Limey Pie

Realm’s Cellars will be open for Wine - Mead - Ale - Lager – Tea
The Kings appointed Bakers will serve throughout the Feast
Feast menu subject to the success of the Royal Hunt

The King's Feast 2021 Menu

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