The King's Feast! A two hour dinner theatre event where you can feast like royalty! Come join us in the King's Arms Feast Hall where we will delight you with a two hour variety show filled with music, comedy, delicious food and hearty laughter! Special guests from New Market Village will entertain as you feast your way through a six course meal and all the libations, iced tea and water your mug can (legally) handle! Don't forget to sample our famous and refreshing in house Sangria! Adorn yourself in your finest festival wear (or whatever you're comfortable in, we don't judge!) and join His and Her Majesty as we raise a toast to good health, fortune, and merriment at The King's Feast!

The Merchant Prince

What is the 1574 Founder's Club? 

1574 Founder's Club is our very own VIP Concierge service that expands on your King's Feast reservation. When you arrive at the Festival, check in at the King's Feast to meet your concierge host/hostess and receive your commemorative VIP badge. With your badge you'll be escorted to the VIP guest lounge, complementary snacks and refreshments will be available and also a private walk-up bar where you can enjoy ordering drinks on a tab without hassle. 

Once you've settled in and made your plans for the day, you and your party will be privately sat at your scheduled King's Feast in the center section seating. As soon as you're seated, our fabulous and fun feast hall wenches will serve and delight as you enjoy the two hour King's Feast dinner theatre show. You'll receive a limited edition VIP only Feast tankard and all the libations you can legally consume in two hours time (plus tea and water!)

That sounds like a full day already! But our VIPs are not done yet. Our popular stage acts will treat you to a private show in the VIP lounge and regale you with fun and laughter before a private wine or mead tasting social. A perfect way to sample new exciting flavors and enjoy interacting with your favorite performers in an informal meet and greet fashion!

Did we mention the pirates? No? Well, as a VIP guest you'll also have access to private seating on the upper deck at the Sea Devil tavern for the evening Pub Sing starring the rockstars of the sea, the Pride O'Bedlam band! Enjoy the relaxing evening air as your private bartender fills your tankard as you sing along to timeless ballads of the high seas! 

When the day nears its end and the fireworks are over, your concierge host will make sure you've secured all your belongings and treasures picked up during the day and bid you a fond farewell. We're happy to have you as part of our 1574 family! Make your reservation for this season, some weekends book up well before the festival begins! 

~ Merchant Prince

All seats for October 7th, 2:00PM are $119.00 each + Tax & Fees

Note: VIP Seating not available for October 7th 2:00 PM show

Ticket Compare

General Seating $119.00 per person

VIP Club Seating $229.00 per person

A production of the Merchant Prince, Inc.
​Copyright © The King's Feast All rights Reserved

Disclaimer:  No refunds or exchanges or transferrals. Each ticket valid only for the date & time shown towards entry of one (1) person into the King's Feast®. The King's Feast® is a covered show located within the outdoor grounds of The Texas Renaissance Festival, and will operate rain or shine. ***All attendees partaking of alcoholic beverages from the King's Cellar must bring a valid government-issued photo ID to present to the King's Feast wait staff.***

2023 King's Feast Menu

Soup, Salad and Dessert Portions to be announced soon!


​Plowman’s Amuse
Plowman’s Picnic of Cheeses, Marinated Vegetables
Oven breads with Branston Pickle and Picadilli

To Be Announced


Soup Portion
To Be Announced

Main Entree'

Prime Rib of the Beefeaters
 Magnificent Prime Rib of Beef, the King of Cuts, 
Crusted with the salt of Maldon salt, roast garlic and herbs 

The Dreads of Porke
Cured Loin of Porke braided and flame broiled Pirate’s Jerk Rub of Basil Drake

Grande Brochette of Hens 
Grilled Chicken with Herbs & Meade Glace

Wild Potatoes – Mushrooms - Vegetables
Mushrooms and seasonal vegetable roasted with Olive Oil


To Be Announced

Realm’s Cellars will be open for Wine - Mead - Ale - Lager – Tea
The Kings appointed Bakers will serve throughout the Feast
Feast menu subject to the success of the Royal Hunt